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Heather Groves LM, CPM, LCCE
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I offer a variety of birth services:

  • Complete Prenatal Care
  • Postpartum Care
  • Homebirth / Waterbirth
  • Birth Center Birth
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Well Woman Care
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Breastfeeding Consultation
  • Childbirth Education Classes

Daytime, evening or weekend appointments available.

Also accepting families that want to birth at Modesto Natural Birth Place.

About Me

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to find out who I am and what I have to offer you as you bring new life into this world.

My name is Heather Groves and I am a home birth midwife servicing the California Central Valley and the Outer East Bay regions.

I have five beautiful children, four of which were born at home with a midwife.

I began my training in 2004 with the midwife that delivered my fourth baby. She has been my inspiration and one of my most influential mentors. After her retirement, I then had the privilege of working as an assistant to two wonderful midwives at the Colorado Springs Midwifery Center for just over a year while simultaneously taking classes from a senior midwife who served in this community for over 25 years.

I then finished my apprenticeship and began my internship with Jessica Nipp of Holistic Home Birth. I am so thankful to have had the honor to work with so many different midwives and so many different moms. I really feel it has helped me to be more open to the possibilities of birth. I have, to date, attended over 200 births and the miracle of it still takes my breath away.

Enough about me, I’m here to answer any questions you have.
Here are some ways you can contact me to find out more information or to explore your options.

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  • Prenatal visits that are an hour long. Your spouse and children are always welcome to come along. These office appointments will be scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks from 12-28 weeks of pregnancy – every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks of pregnancy – and weekly until the birth of your baby. A home visit will be scheduled around 36 weeks.
  • During every appointment I will be keeping track of your baby’s and your general well-being by checking things such as blood pressure, pulse, weight, fetal growth, position, and heart tones as well as discussing nutritional needs and other common questions that come up during the normal course of pregnancy.
  • Lab work will be done at 12 and 28 weeks and can be drawn right here in the office for your convenience. (Labs are typically billed through insurance. I also offer significantly discounted cash pay rates.)
  • Ultrasounds can be ordered through Tate Diagnostics.
  • I will be available by phone, text, or email for any questions that might come up between appointments.
  • Support, assistance and care during your birth, including 24/7 on call access is one of the features of our service. I will arrive whenever you feel you need more support and will stay a couple of hours after the birth of your baby. I’ll bring a qualified assistant as well as basic equipment such as oxygen, antihemmorhagic remedies, and resuscitation equipment.
  • Waterbirth is always an option. I have birth tubs available for a small fee. This fee covers the cost of a specialized liner and other supplies. Clean up and tub draining at the birth is included.
  • A total of six postpartum visits will be available to you. The first three will be at your home at 24 and 72 hours as well as a one week visit. The following three will be scheduled in office at weeks two, four and six.
  • Additional Well Woman Exams (including PAP Smear) are available at any time for a very nominal fee.
** Also known under the name Nine Months Midwifery **

Pricing and Insurance Details

How Much Does It Cost?
The full fee for prepaid midwifery services is $4000 if paid by 36 weeks gestation. I offer several payment plans for every budget, including an extended financing option, and an early pay bonus discount. I am more than willing to work with clients to come up with a mutually agreed upon payment arrangement if none of the listed plans work for you.

Do you accept insurance?
I am able to bill as an out of network provider for those who have a PPO policy. I work with a billing representative with over eight years experience in the industry who will verify benefit eligibility at your first appointment and handle all of the billing after that. Benefits are NOT guaranteed regardless of the information your insurance carrier estimates when calling to verify benefits.

Why do I have to prepay if my insurance says it covers home birth?
“Global maternity billing” is currently the only form of billing available to maternity care providers. This is a collection of bundled packages of the standard services for a typical pregnancy. These global charges can only be billed after the delivery of the baby and typically take anywhere from 2-6 months after the birth to process the claim. It is not possible to keep the low volume of clients required to ensure that we can provide quality, individualized care and also be able to meet the overhead costs of a thriving midwifery business with this delay in payment for services rendered.

What happens if I transfer or transport to the hospital?
In the event of a transfer/transport, the physician or hospital will be billing the global maternity code for the delivery. We will then be able to “unbundle” each appointment and bill them separately. This does mean that the total amount billed to your insurance could be less than the original estimated amount given when verifying your benefits.

Do you accept Medi-Cal?
We are not currently able to accept Medi-Cal at this time. Please check back…this may be a possibility in the future.

Do you accept HSA cards?
Yes! I can accept HSA cards for payment.

Do you accept cost sharing insurance plans?
Yes! I am more than willing to make arrangements to accommodate the terms of a cost sharing policy like Medi-Share or Samaritan. We can create a plan that works with this type of policy.

Three Convenient Payment Plan Options

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